How EasyChamber Works

Instructions For Use

Single Patient Use only

To gain maximum benefit from the Easy Chamber Spacer Device, you need to follow the instruction given below.

Remove cap from inhaler and Easy Chamber Spacer; shake the inhaler, then insert inhaler into the spacer as shown.

Place lips around mouthpiece (if mask is not used) to ensure effective seal, press inhaler once; if using mask, assemble the mask spacer as shown in above picture.

Breath in and out slowly and deeply through the mouthpiece 4 times, if more than one dose is required then wait for 30 second, repeat steps 2-3. If mask is used, place the mask over the mouth and nose, then press the inhaler; breath in and out through mask more than 4 times to make sure the medication inside the spacer is finished. If more than one dose is required, repeat step 2-3.

Cleaning Instructions

The EasyChamber Spacer Device can be used right out of the package after which we recommend cleaning it once a week. Before cleaning, remove the back piece and disassemble the other parts of the spacer. If you are cleaning the mouthpiece version, remove the tethered mouthpiece cap. Next, soak all parts for 15 minutes in lukewarm water with liquid detergent and agitate gently. It is important not to boil or sterilize the EasyChamber Spacer Device as this may cause permanent damage. Rinse the parts in clean water. Shake out the excess water and allow the parts to air dry completely in a vertical position before reassembling. Replace the piece when all the components are completely dry and ready for use. Press firmly to attach the back piece centrally aligned on the back piece with the flow of you inside the retreat indicator. For mouthpiece models, the protective cap should always be placed on the mouthpiece when the chamber is not in use.

If you have any questions please ask your health care provider for complete instructions. Please refer to the patient instructions available on our website and pack insert.

Remove the back piece and disassemble the other parts of the spacer

Soak both parts for 15 mins in lukewarm water with liquid detergent. Agitate gently

Rinse in clean water

Shake out excess water Do not rub dry

let air dry in vertical position.

replace back piece when all component is completely Dry and Ready for Use

Download Instruction for usage and Cleaning instruction: