The EasyChamber Spacer Device includes a flexible back piece compatible with all other commonly prescribed inhalers. Before using the device, every patient must go through the instructions for use of the chamber and metered-dose inhaler.

All the patients using EasyChamber Spacer Device should be advised to take medications regularly and use this both during emergencies and regularly if required. Every patient should be careful not to boil or sterilize the EasyChamber Spacer Device as that may cause permanent damage

Compatible Inhaler

The EasyChamber Spacer Device includes a flexible back piece (Universal Base) that can be used with all commonly prescribed inhalers.
Please see below list of some of the most commonly used inhalers which are compatible with EasyChamber Spacer Device.

Healthcare Professionals

EasyChamber is an anti-static valve holding chamber for Metered-Dose Inhalers which comes in four Variants to suite for all Patient Group. Unlike other spacer device, EasyChamber comes with a detachable mask which enables patient to use the spacer with or without mask.

The anti-static chamber of EasyChamber traps and holds medication in suspension in the chamber until the patient is ready to inhale which reduces the need for good coordination between inhalation and inhaler actuation, and to reduce the oropharyngeal deposition.

Universal Inhaler base makes it compatible with all brands and types of most commonly used inhalers. FlowSignal Whistle sounds when breathing in too fast which encourages patient to breathe slowly. The compact size of EasyChamber makes it convenient to fit into school bags or handbags.
Recognising the supply needs of this product, we have been committed to delivering the highest quality standards, ensuring stock is available to the NHS across all parts of the UK..

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